Proud Partner of the San Antonio Missions

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Higher Impact Entertainment, the parent company of Rally Entertainment, is an Official Sponsor and Partner of the San Diego Padre’s Double Affiliate the San Antonio Missions Baseball Club’s Mascot Program for 2013. HIE staff will oversee and execute the mascot operations, in-game entertainment, and community events. The world famous Ballapeno and Henry “The Puffy Taco” joins the impact team that currently includes The Funkey Munkey, Rally of Rally Entertainment, X-tra the News Hound of the San Antonio Express News, and Swoop of the San Antonio Talons of the Arena Football League. “The Missions are an outstanding organization and have seen much success within the Texas League over the years. We hope that our collaborated efforts can continue to provide Missions fans with high quality entertainment and help make memories that will leave a lasting impact for all who attend a game or come across these characters out in the community.” says Jerome Bartlett, Owner/CEO of Higher Impact Entertainment.

Rally Entertainment still has several premium dates available during the 2013 Summer Tour. To book your Rally Show contact the Rally team at 210-882-2255 today!



New Social Media Package for 2013

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To commemorate the 10th Anniversary of Rally Entertainment serving Minor League Baseball team’s nationwide and the new developments in technology that has allowed celebrities, athletes, and teams to connect on a whole new platform, Rally Entertainment will be offering a Free Social Media Package to assist team’s in promoting their Rally Show to fans. This social media package includes 3 images that are scaled to fit facebook, twitter, and instagram. Also, team’s will receive a Hi-Def video that promotes the Rally game to their fans specifically. All of these include team specific information so fans can purchase their tickets online or by calling a ticket representative directly. “With the changing of times and new opportunities to connect and promote events, we wanted to help spread the word and reach the new technologically advanced baseball fans out there. I know I’m guilty of checking my personal facebook page a few times during the day and get caught up watching youtube videos. We hope this will help build the attendance for the team’s Rally game as well as help increase ticket sales for the ball club.” says Jerome Bartlett, Owner of Rally Entertainment.

Premium dates are still available for the 2013 Rally Summer Tour. To book your show call the Rally Team at 210-882-2255.

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