Because of Rally’s growth the last several years we are looking for new performers to entertain fans across the nation. At this time we have Two job openings for the upcoming 2013 Season.  New employees will have the opportunity to travel the country performing in front of thousands of sport fans. We are seeking candidates that are responsible well rounded people, who have experience in entertaining. Candidates must be able to interact with professional sports employees and athletes and provide laughter and entertainment to their fans. Candidates must be able to travel during the months of April to August. It truly is one of the most exciting jobs you could ask for! We appreciate your interest in our company and look forward to hearing from you. Applications must be submitted by March 8, 2013  The two different positions are listed below.

Rally Mascot- Entertain fans as one of the Rally mascot characters. Mascot experience is a must as you will be responsible for on field skits, prop usage and crowd interaction for the entire game. Please send a video to our staff of you inside the suit showing us your skills! Applicants must be able to entertain and represent the company in a professional manner outside of the suit as well.

Rally Assistant- Entertain fans dressed as numerous characters. You will dress as umpires, players, fans, and assist Rally with props and crowd participants. The Assistant will be responsible for interacting with team employees as well as prop assembly for the show. Assistant will travel to all nationwide appearances. Mascot experience is not required but must be able to entertain large audiences outside of a suit through physical comedy, and skits.