It's RALLY Time!

Welcome to the home of the WILDEST most HILARIOUS entertainment act in all of sports! Rally Entertainment has been bringing the ultimate fan experience to stadiums nationwide since 2003. Book your Rally Show today!


Rally is affordable. Because of our low cost, Rally is able to perform in front of a large variety of audiences from AAA , MLB, NBA, to Independent League stadiums. Low price does not mean low quality. We believe fans come to the game because of their experience. You can afford to bring us to your stadium more times in one season than our competitors, allowing more people to return because of their experience.


Umpires ribbon dancing, marriage proposals that go bad, pranks being pulled on players, dancing first basemen, even an opposing fan that shows up just to heckle the crowd and get them cheering for your Team. It’s all out mayhem from the first pitch to the end of the game. RALLY switches up his skits year after year so there is always something new going on. Your fans are sure to love it.


We strive to be the easiest entertainment group that you ever work with. That is why when you book Rally, we take care of it all. We find the cheapest travel and we contact other teams in your area to save you money. We also have a pre-recorded P.A. Announcer on our music so that your announcer can take a break during our skits. We want you to enjoy working with us, that is why we do our best to take care of all your needs.