The Rally Baseball show is truly a one of a kind entertainment experience for your fans. A typical Rally show consists of 5 to 6 on-field skits and non-stop entertainment in the stands for the entire game. You never know what you are going to see when Rally comes to town. Players flying out of the dugout dancing grounds crews, pranks pulled on fans, scream signs, and the biggest diamond necklace in baseball. That’s why he is known as the “King of Bling”. Rally switches and updates his skits year after year, so your fans never get bored. It’s a show like no other.

Our Business Model

We strive to be the easiest entertainment group that you ever work with. That is why when you book Rally, we take care of it all. We find the cheapest travel and we contact other teams in your area to save you money. We provide you with a contract, invoice, and script well before our scheduled appearance. We also have a pre-recorded P.A. Announcer on our music so that your announcer can take a break during our skits. We can also provide your team with promotional materials and posters for your scheduled appearance as well. We want you to enjoy working with us, that is why we do our best to take care of all your needs.

Our Game Schedule

  1. 5 to 6 on field skits throughout the game.
  2. Crowd interaction in the stands and on the dugout during innings.
  3. 3 in-crowd skits after on-field skits are finished.
  4. Crowd interaction by Rally and our Opposing Fan during the last two innings.
  5. Autographs following the game.

The FAN Experience

We understand that minor league baseball aims to provide the best Fan Experience in all of sports. That is why many of our skits incorporate the usage of multiple fans throughout the game! The fans become a part of the Rally show! We utilize fans young and old to help make fun lasting memories so that when they return to the ballpark they have the silly stories to share with their friends about the great experience at your ballpark.